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Thermal SPA Centre for Your Clients

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The Thermal Spa Centre allows you to perform unique massage techniques, and last, but not least, it offers an unforgettable emotional experience for your customers.

Thermal SPA Centre – ACUA Functionalities

ACUA is a versatile tool that offers a diversity of possible procedures to operators:

Steam bath                           Scottish shower
Massage                                Chromotherapy
Music therapy

In this way, you have additional functionalities for the many work procedures you can offer to the client at the thermal SPA centre for maximum profit.

  • The steam produced by ACUA can be enriched and flavored with various essential oils – creating an aroma steam bath. The small canopy guarantees a fast saturation with aromatic vapors without coming into contact with the client’s body. This procedure can also be combined with chromotherapy – an aroma steam bath and chromotherapy.
  • The ACUA massage surface is divided into three parts so that the client is always stable and never slips. The parts can be adjusted electrically for more comfort. The massage surface is made of wood, the treatment of which uses the same technology as the production of yachts, which guarantees the strength of its appearance and absolute waterproofing. A mattress covered with a waterproof and non-allergenic material can be added as an option, for more convenience.
  • The Scottish shower located in the folding metal arm also provides a contrasting procedure. Specific protocols allow you to adjust the injection cycles of the various jets – hot and cold water.

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  • The powerful built-in chromotherapy system gives the feeling of “floating” on colors.
  • The color cycle chromotherapy can be customized and programmed to be coordinated with other features, such as steam cycles or music therapy.

A Wide Variety of Treatments for Your SPA Clients

ACUA offers many different procedures, like steam baths, mud, algae or clay therapies, hammam treatments, exfoliation and other massages. All this can be combined with chromotherapy and music therapy, and much, much more. It all depends on your preferences.

ACUA enables complete relaxation of the body, creating well-being for the soul of the client, which can be supplemented by various cosmetic procedures.

The ACUA bed allows the operator to reach all parts of the client’s body. Its design makes it unique, captivating and at the same time extremely stable for perfect functionality.

The maintenance and cleaning of the bed are made to be as easy as possible.

The waterbed is an innovative product that combines leading-edge technology, and elevates massage to another level at the SPA and Wellness Centre.

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The color of the light emitted from the bed can be controlled and synchronized wirelessly with other equipment designed by the manufacturer (optional). Thus, all the equipment will simultaneously illuminate in the same color.

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