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Salt therapy / Halotherapy

Salt therapy (known as halotherapy) is a treatment method that simulates the natural salt microclimate of caves.

This is achieved thanks to halogenerators (dry aerosolized salt generators) and nebulizers (wet sprays of salt solutions).

There are different methods used to saturate the environment with salts.
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Who can benefit from halotherapy?

People with: allergies, dermatitis, asthma, acne, psoriasis, pharyngitis, eczema, ENT diseases, skin infections, bronchitis, stress, respiratory problems, smokers, sleep problems, sinusitis, otitis and more.

Salt therapy is also suitable for skin rejuvenation and pH normalization, because the microscopic saline particles reduce inflammation. After several sessions, the skin looks rejuvenated and refreshed.

Sat therapy has a rehydrating effect, stops the spread of bacteria and maintains the natural balance of bacteria (biocenosis), stimulates osmosis, has a positive effect on the immune system and metabolism, and an anti-inflammatory effect.

Where can halotherapy be done?

Rehabilitation centers, hotels, SPA’s, clinics, homes for senior care, beauty and aesthetic salons, private practices and more.

The salt rooms

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No age restriction. Patients can sit in comfortable chairs and children can play. Music soothes the nervous system, children can watch movies, and it’s possible to meditate or perform yoga exercises.

Conditions for dry (cold) halotherapy: temperature between 20 and 26°C, humidity 40-50%, clean atmosphere, saline particles that penetrate the respiratory system and skin, relaxing atmosphere.

Nebulization salt therapy ( (wet or warm)):

It is carried out using a nebulizer – a special sprayer of saline solution. The production and release of salt vapor into the air happens in the form of salt mist. The room should be heated to 28-30°C, thus recreating the atmosphere and salt vapor along the sea during the summer season. The saline solution itself should be hypertonic with a concentration between 3.5-10% NaCl per 100 ml. distilled water, between 3.5-10g. medical or Himalayan salt.

SALTARIUM salt capsule

Easily accessible and comfortable, the capsule is suitable for people who prefer to sit during therapy, people with respiratory and / or movement problems, as well as for children.

  • Designed for individual salt therapy.
  • One adult with one child can sit in it.
  • Mobile and easy to move.

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Salt cabins

The salt cabin is a compact salt room with a maximum size of 6 square meters and a height of 2 meters.

Built with a wooden interior. The cabin can be moved from its original location.

Possible options: color therapy, MP3 with headphones, salt lamp, salt stones, TV, window, LED lamps and more.

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