Pressotherapy / Lymphatic drainage

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Pressotherapy / Lymphatic drainage

img chachePressotherapy is a modern, efficient and painless method with a strong therapeutic effect in the treatment of cellulite and fat deposits in the body.

What Is Pressotherapy?

Pressotherapy is a compression system designed to increase venous and lymphatic flow and purify extracellular fluids.

Pressotherapy is a modern, effective and painless method with a strong therapeutic effect for the treatment of cellulite and body fat. Activates the passive part of the circulation – veins and lymph vessels, stimulates the drainage of accumulated toxins to the cleansing organs. It absorbs edema, has a liberating and analgesic effect.

Pressotherapy device:

  1. Performs high-tech effective lymphatic drainage.
  2. Provides reliable cellulite control.
  3. Helps in losing weight and detox, as well as shaping and profiling of the body.
  4. Reduces swelling and pain, creates comfort.
  5. It gives a better shape to the legs, abdomen and arms, while improving the skin tone.

Lymphatic drainage

It is an effect on the soft tissues of the body in order to achieve the removal of excess fluids and byproducts from the metabolism of the lymphatic vessels. Activates blood circulation, provides lymphatic drainage, and helps release toxins. Recommended for cellulite, obesity, fatigue and more.

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