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Device for Oxygen Therapy and Water Scrub


Deep cleansing, reducing oils, improving skin elasticity, treating and lifting the eye contour, treating acne and black spots without the face flushing, without pain and several hours of recovery. Oxygen therapy provides removal of pigment spots, deep washing of the skin with water, rejuvenation and whitening of the treated areas.

Water microdermabrasion is a multifunctional therapy that cleanses, exfoliates, moisturizes and efficiently solves a number of cosmetic problems.

Principle of oxygen therapy:

Water peeling is a system that combines exfoliation (without abrasive particles), multifunctional serums and controlled vacuum. With the help of different types of nozzles, the spiral movement of liquid and air by means of vacuum creates a vortex. This way the dirt is sucked out completely and painlessly from the pores and the skin remains clean.

Allows the oxygen-enriched (with the operator’s judgment) solution to reach the skin, causing peeling.
A liquid agent enriched with vitamins and various ingredients cleanses the skin while performing a high-speed peeling.

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Oxygen therapy equipment:

  1. RF – collagen recovery
  2. Bubble cleansing – improves metabolism
  3. Ultrasound – improves blood circulation
  4. BIO – improves the eye contour
  5. Cold therapy – affects the pores and skin

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