Multifunctional SPA Bed

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Multifunctional SPA Bed

Water Massage Bed for SPA and Wellness Centers

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The water massage bed allows for unique massage techniques, and it offers an unforgettable emotional experience for its users at the same time.

It is equipped with a water mattress and thanks to its optional features it can be transformed into three different spa beds. The simplified system allows the replacement of the water mattress with Himalayan salt or with quartz sand, thus completely changing it, giving additional functionality and enabling many interesting working procedures that can be offered to the client at the SPA center.

Massage bed equipment

The massage bed is equipped with an anti-allergy mattress, with separate sections, which allows avoiding the annoying “wave” effects. All this provides a comfortable location of the client, on which the massage is performed, and keeping the body in the desired position. Every small movement of the client on the mattress creates a series of “micro waves”, which carry out a continuous massage of the body in the direction of the venous and lymphatic circulation. The powerful built-in chromotherapy system gives the feeling of “floating” on colors.

Massage bed with sand

The massage bed with sand allows for complete relaxation of the body, creating a feeling well-being for the soul of the client, which is a good addition to the various cosmetic procedures performed. The warm quartz sand (temperature from 32°C to 40°C) and its chemical and physical properties act as a means of purification, disinfection and alkalization, relaxing muscles, bones and joints.

Massage bed with Himalayan salt

The massage bed with Himalayan salt is able to restore body balance. The warmth and the micro-massage made by the salt particles further facilitates its quality of interaction with the client, while at the same time the salt forms along the contour of the body.

Its design makes it unique, captivating and at the same time extremely stable for perfect functionality.

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