Himalayan Cube

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Himalayan Cube

A unique decoration for your SPA or wellness center

The Himalayan Cube is an innovative product for Spa and Wellness Centers, which want to create an emotional and invigorating salt room in a new or already existing space.

The Himalayan Cube also has built in:

Halotherapy                                     Aromatherapy                           Chromotherapy

 Warming                                            Music

That will make your customers’ stay even more enjoyable, rewarding and fun.

What is Halotherapy?

Halotherapy is a completely natural method of spreading salt micro particles. There are two types of spreading salt particles – dry, through halogenerators that pulverize the salt to small crystals, and wet, which spray a salt solution. They reproduce the conditions of the marine environment and the beach. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action of these saline micro particles stimulates the immune system and eliminates muscle tension, stress, prevents spots and acne formation. In addition, the vapor enriches the skin with iodine, a substance that speeds up metabolism and helps natural weight loss.

Thanks to all its features, the Himalayan cube will be a precious piece of beauty, which can be combined with Himalayan salt walls.


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