Hammam Table

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Hammam Table

Interpretation of a Marble Spa Table for Traditional Turkish Bathing /Hammam/

An innovation aimed at restoring the cultural roots of prosperity and offering them to you, taking into account the needs of modern society.

The concept is related to the Hammam culture. But it is not the Turkish bath widespread in Wellness and Spa centers. Instead, it is a ritual made up of a series of different treatments. They use alternating warm and cold environments in preparing the body and mind for the sensory and emotional experiences.

The table is a very important tool for economical use of the wet zone. It’s literally one of the most significant sources of expenses for those investing in the Wellness and Spa sectors. In addition to its functionality, this product brings the characteristics of light and color as an integral part of the treatment. All this involves more and more of the client’s senses, resulting in a deep state of relaxation.

A beautiful challenge that opens the door to an uncharted world where culture and business are intertwined together on the path to success.

No need for additional construction activities.

Just put the table where you want it and enjoy.

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