Face & Body Tightening Machines

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Face & Body Tightening Machines

To shape the body tightly and refresh the skin of the face.

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Face & Body Tightening Machines – this body and face contouring unit is a unique non-invasive system that is an enhanced version of the “SynShape system” including:

  • Bipolar 1 megahertz radio frequency / bi-polar 1MHZ RF / – with its special electronic impedance / resistance / skin matching system in all treated areas, it automatically detects the maximum RF energy emitted in the deep tissue layer that can treat the area without overheating the skin, resulting in maximum risk-free results.
  • LED light
  • Infrared light and a suction roller – the infrared light is to improve blood circulation and elasticity in treated areas. The Deep Vacuum Negative Pressure Massage Technology reduces fat cells and increases collagen production.

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The Qualities of Our Face & Body Tightening Machines

The system can meet all customer requirements for procedures related to tightening and reducing skin wrinkles, as well as reducing cellulite. All this makes the customer look and feel good.

  1. Lifting and shaping of face lines;
  2. Wrinkle rejuvenation and smoothing;
  3. Improve skin metabolism, leading to slowing down of aging;
  4. Scar obliteration;
  5. Cellulite reduction and tightening of body contours.

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The above configuration is Vinci

We also offer another configuration including:

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  • Cryolipolysis handle – cryolipolysis achieves the removal of fat accumulated through controlled cooling to sub-zero temperatures. The device selectively isolates and freezes grease deposits, controlling temperature, vacuum suction and duration of the procedure. This eliminates the fat cells that are absorbed by the body, and thus visibly reduces the fat layer.
  • ”ICE Thermal” handle – convenient, safe, non-invasive procedure.

It is clinically proven to help provide a smooth, tight and contour-shaped skin. Natural looking results from the first procedure – treatment of all skin colors, face and body, forehead, eyes, jaw line and collar, all in one procedure.

A complete youthful appearance is achieved by stimulating the natural renewal of collagen.


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