Hair stylists

Equipment for hair salons

We offer a full range of hairdressing equipment for your hair salon

A contemporary layout, achieved by combining metal and wood in a variety of shapes, high quality materials and designs that pay attention even to the smallest details – everything you need for your new hair salon.

Complementing tones or contrasting colors – we offer products that will create style, light and a modern vision to the entire salon.

Hairdressing furniture:

hair salons

    • Washing systems hair salons  Hairdressing furniture
    • Chairs  hair salons Chairs
    • Mirrors  Mirrors  Hairdresser
  • Hairdresser trolleys  Hairdresser trolleys Hairdresser
  • Infrazone hair dryer accelerators  Infrazone hair dryer accelerators    hair salons
  • Sterilizers  Sterilizers
  • Manicure workstations  Manicure workstations


And many others.

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