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Electrotherapy – a method of physical therapy based on the controlled exposure of the body to electric currents, magnetic and electromagnetic fields.



Electrotherapy is used to relieve muscle spasms, prevent and delay the process of atrophy, increase blood circulation, rehabilitate muscles and electrical muscle stimulation, maintain and increase the range of motion, control chronic and severe pain, post-traumatic acute pain, pain caused by surgery or fractures, assists for muscle stimulation, prevention of venous thrombosis, wound healing, etc.


The use of electrotherapy in the field of rehabilitation:


  1. Pain treatment
    • Improves the range of joint movement
    • Causes stretching of contracted muscles and soft tissues
  2. Treatment of neuromuscular dysfunction
    • Improves strength
    • Improves motion control
    • It slows down muscle atrophy
    • Improves local blood supply
  3. Tissue repair
    • Improves microcirculation and protein synthesis, helping to heal wounds
    • Restores the integrity of connective and dermal tissue
  4. Acute and chronic edema
    • Accelerates absorption
    • Improves blood vessel permeability
    • Increases the movement of proteins, blood cells and lymphatic flow
  5. Peripheral blood flow
    • Causes arterial, venous and lymphatic flow


Electrotherapy device:



Accessories for electrotherapy Accessories for electrotherapy

Ultrasound head Ultrasound head

Accessories for electrotherapy  Accessories for electrotherapy


Electrotherapy Accessories Electrotherapy Accessories




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